Learn About Side Loaders

- Aug 06, 2017 -

The loader started manufacturing more than 90 years ago. The self-powered loader came at the beginning of 1920, and the bucket was mounted on two vertical columns, and the lifting and falling of the bucket were manipulated with a rope. From 1930 onwards, the loader's body has been greatly improved. 1939 appeared more advanced tire loading, in the 40's loader has been a greater development. In 1944, began to use hydraulic instead of rope control bucket. The 1947 loader developed into a four-wheel drive. In 1950, the first tire-mounted loader with a torque converter was introduced, which allowed the loader to be inserted into the pile smoothly and made faster and inserted into the movement. The engine would not turn off due to the large insertion resistance The The first articulated loader appeared in 1960, which greatly improved the steering performance of the loader, increasing its maneuverability and longitudinal stability. 60 years of electric loaders. This is a new breakthrough in loader design, which further increases the range of loaders. The trend of future loaders is to increase the size of the actuator by increasing the size of the actuator and the improvement of the organization.


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