Lightweight Semi-trailer Is Not Equal To Cut Corners

- May 21, 2017 -

Due to the reality of overload, and some users tend to buy a more solid and solid semi-trailer, easy to modify the modified factory to overload the car. Although I do not support overloading, but the production of products must be market demand-oriented, so the past, the focus of the production of semi-trailer focused on solid and solid models.

And the implementation of the regulations on July 1 "changed the past with a fine as a reward semi-trailer overloading the main means. High cost pressure, instead of revoking the vehicle operating license, ordered the road transport enterprises to suspend business for rectification or even revoke the transport business license incentives. in the past. Car logistics companies tend to rely on illegal overload to win profit margins. But after the "Regulations" after the implementation of the excessive overload of interest increased.

Truck users rely on overloading to make money more and more unreasonable way. The old money-making model has come to an end. Coupled with the high price of domestic oil prices, large tonnage "from the source was put out. Heavy truck light weight improvement can reduce the considerable use of the cost of users. Heavy truck field, we are the future development trend is more and more about the efficiency of transport , Efficiency will bring changes in transport mode. Trailer General Manager that the cost of freight, high oil prices in the case, the user in the purchase of lightweight semi-trailer, the main consideration of the high-speed running fast, fuel efficient Of the real benefits "can be overrun overload to play the role of drastic, if the" Regulations "in place. And will change the truck market demand structure, instead focus on the production of lightweight products. Because in the case of the total weight of the car to set the upper limit, the lighter the weight, the more goods can pull, the user certainly tend to buy lightweight products.

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