Minor Maintenance Techniques

- Feb 07, 2018 -

Experienced old drivers are usually equipped with carburetor cleaning agents on trucks, but they are small but very useful.

Function of carburetor cleaning agent

The main function of carburetor cleaning agent is to remove the rust and adhesive in the carburetor, because there is a certain pressure in its own spray cylinder, so it can also be used to blow through the various fuel injection holes in the carburetor. The carburetor is generally not on the truck, but the carburetor cleaning agent is widely used on the truck.

Pipe joint

During the installation and disassembly of the pipe joint, oil pollution, mud sand and so on will cause no small damage. It is very convenient and effective to use the cleaning agent.

Battery stigma

The stigma of battery often appears oxidation corrosion phenomenon, which affects the conduction of current. The effect of cleaning agent is quick and convenient, avoiding the hard damage caused by disassembly.

Various kinds of bearings

During the maintenance of all kinds of bearings, it is very difficult to clean up the old grease and the worn debris. After the cleaning agent is applied, the process of the bearing's refueling is more scientific and effective, which greatly prolongs the service life.

Screw, screw hole

It will better protect some special purpose bolts, such as tire screws, part of the engine part of the oil contaminated part of the screw holes. When installing, we can clear the screw holes and reduce the possibility of loosening again when fastening the fastening glue.

It should be noted that carburetor cleaning agent has strong corrosion capacity, and can not be used to clean rubber parts, such as sealing aprons, tire valves, truck dashboards, headlights, etc. These things are glued to the cleaning agent and easy to deform and damage.

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