Not Only Semi Trailer,CIMC's Car Carrier Trailer

- Aug 23, 2017 -

Not only semi trailer,CIMC's car carrier trailer

It is said that Chinese zhongji, the card friends are all familiar, its various semi - trailer driving in the motherland of the east and south, everywhere can be seen. But the Chinese company is not satisfied with this, and began to expand into the market of all kinds of special vehicles. There is also an important reason that the average semi-trailer has low profit margins, and everyone is selling at a profit margin. The manufacturer only jumped out of this competitive red sea, into the blue sea of dedicated trailer.

The rear end has the folding function of the ladder, convenient for the goods vehicles

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Chassis selection is important, but design is also important. The good chassis guarantees the stability of the ride, and a good coat guarantees the bearing capacity.

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At present, there are more and more manufacturers of the car, which is not only limited to the development and manufacture of the main machine, but also can be developed independently by the manufacturers. This is a good thing for the car generation market, and the card friends have a richer choice.

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