Pneumatic Hydraulic Trailer Leg

- Jan 27, 2018 -

Countries continuously in recent years in promoting greater efficiency to jilt hang transport, but left to hang a small link in the process of transportation is to reduce the transportation efficiency, serious like each trainset need to shake the trailer half leg, now brings the latest pneumatic hydraulic leg of trailer.

This new trailer leg control unit, by the pneumatic and hydraulic components, pneumatic unit control outside leg rapid fall, after the hydraulic unit and then leg internal hydraulic oil cylinder, a solid support. The hydraulic support can be adjusted automatically, even on the ground with uneven height and height.

At the same time, the lift load of the pneumatic hydraulic supporting leg reached 40 tons, and the static lifting load reached 80 tons under the premise of the main vehicle support.

The locking device of the supporting leg, which is understood to be the first generation product, still needs manual manual locking. The second generation of products under development will be fully automated without manual intervention.

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