Semitrailer Basic Knowledge

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Semi trailer is the most common type of transportation. It has strong load capacity and large load. Almost all materials can be transported by semi-trailer, so it is loved by many drivers. But the structure of the semitrailer is many, the classification is very fine. A brief introduction to the semitrailer is made below.

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Semi-trailer model

A semi-trailer is a trailer with axles located behind the center of gravity of a vehicle and equipped with vertical or horizontal forces to transfer to the trailer, including semi trailers, semi trailers and semi trailers. Semitrailer and semi-trailer are called semi-trailer together.

A semi trailer is often seen in the purchase and use of a semitrailer. What does the alphanumer mean? According to the rules of China's automobile front encoding, encoding letters on behalf of semi trailer manufacturers, the first number represents the vehicle encoding the categories table, semi trailers and semi trailers with 9, middle two digits represent the total vehicle quality; last number represents the product sequence code, behind the letter special vehicle classification code the back part of the vehicle, said is the custom code.

Classification of common semitrailer

The trailer has a variety of classification methods, according to the number of 1 axis and 2 axis and 3 axis; according to the announcement length classification can be divided into 8.6m, 10m, 11.16m, 12.1M, 12.5m, 13m; according to the tonnage can be divided into 9T, 15T, 20T, 22T, 25T, 26T, 28T, 30T, 31T, 32T, US usually by vehicle type classification.

According to the models can be divided into ordinary railing, warehouse bar semi-trailer, coal semi-trailer, dump semi-trailer, flatbed semi-trailer, container plate semi-trailer, container transport semi-trailer frame, van semi-trailer etc..

Semi-trailer structure

Semi trailers are mainly composed of carriages, frame, outrigger (supporting device), suspension, axle, wheel and axle assembly, electric road, protective net, toolbox and so on.

This article is just a brief introduction to the semitrailer.

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