The Maintenance Method Of The Steel Ring

- Feb 06, 2018 -

1, when the temperature of the steel ring is high, it should be kept clean after natural cooling, and must not be washed with cold water. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy steel ring will be damaged and even the brake disc is deformed and the brake effect will be affected. In addition, cleaning steel ring with cleaning agent at high temperature will make the surface of the steel ring react with chemical reaction, lose its gloss and influence the beauty.

2, when the steel ring is hard to remove the tar, if the general detergent is useless, try using the brush to remove it, but don't use excellent brush, especially iron brush, so as not to damage the surface of the steel ring.

3. If the place where the vehicle is located is wet, the steel ring should be cleaned regularly so as to avoid the corrosion of the salt on the aluminum surface.

4, when necessary, clean and clean, the steel ring can be waxed to maintain its gloss forever.


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