The Structure Of The Flat Trailer

- May 21, 2017 -

Flatbed is an electric rail factory transport vehicle. Also known as electric flat car, trolley, cross the car. It has a simple structure, easy to use, easy to maintain, carrying capacity, less pollution and so on. Widely used in machine manufacturing and metallurgical factories, as the workshop with the crane to transport heavy objects across the cross. KP series of electric flat car height is low, the table to strengthen, easy to change, easy maintenance.

Flatbed is a common vehicle for road transport, because it is more convenient loading and unloading large, heavy goods, and other specifications than the other models, you can load more goods, by the transport unit of all ages. In the transport vehicles, flat cars are generally divided into two kinds, one is flat, one is the high and low board. Flat is generally 4 meters to 13 meters long, 13 meters above the length of the car for the high and low board

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