Tri-axle Oil Tanker Trailers Hot Sale--CIMC Trailer

- Mar 15, 2018 -

CIMC is a professional manufacturer of oil tankers.CIMC product the best quality oil/fuel tank trailer can realize the mechanization of loading, unloading, transportation and storage, which not only saves the labor force, but also saves the packaging materials and the transportation cost.

CIMC products fuel tanker trailer is used to transfer gasoline, diesel oil, crude oil, edible oil, palm oil and liquid asphalt.Fuel tanker trailer?has high quality and transportation of gasoline, light diesel oil, impact and other non corrosive fuel properties rarely, rarely affect other components.We have different?fuel tanker trailer to meet customers demands.



1. This series chemical Tanker semi trailers are mainly used in liquid, especially chemical, acid transportation.

2. The volume varies widely from 10 cube meters to 70 cube meters, we can manufacture it according to your needs.

3. The axles can be Fuwa / Bpw with different tonnages by your need with price differences.

4. The suspensions can be: Air suspension, mechanic (leaf spring suspension), bogie suspension, etc.

5. The tanker inside liner can be rubber or pvc liner.

6. The tanker inside can be double or other numbers isolated compartments with discharging valves and pipes.

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