Type Rich CIMC' Semi Trailer

- Oct 13, 2017 -

The impression of zhongji is a semi-trailer. After 921, many tractors have been introduced to drive the demand for lightweight semi-trailer. The national production of semi-trailer enterprises a lot of enterprises, the central set is a good quality brand. Recently we have been studying in the factory and have seen many new semi-trailer and special car products.

CIMC has years of experience in semi-trailer production,In recent years, the product research and development level and the manufacturing process continuously ascend.We have mainly studied the following models in the factory.

CIMC flatbed trailer

flatbed semi-trailer.jpg

side wall semi trailer

flat bed traierl1_副本.jpg

container semi trailer

container trailer_副本1.jpg

fence cargo semi trailer

fence trailer.jpg

CIMC Zhongji achieves scientific light quantization on the basis of its function and strength

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