Understand The Composition Of The Trailer

- Jan 24, 2018 -

For a tractor, what kind of trailer to choose is also important to the stability, safety and economy of the vehicle. Here in detail for you to introduce the various parts of the trailer, let everyone have a clear understanding of their trailers.


The structure diagram of ordinary tailgatesemi trailer, from the picture we can see the main part and the position of the trailer, the following is on the part of the detailed analysis.


The frame is mainly composed of beam - Welding I-steel, supporting beam, connecting beam, side beam, lock head, traction pin connection device, panel and so on.

The side beams are usually channel steel or bending parts. Most of the trailers now use channel steel and light body hanging bending parts and beams will be more, because the strength requirements are not too large. The supporting beam is a cross beam, and now most of them are W beams (the above is the W beam as a cross beam).

Upper part


The lorries, on the part of Longmen refers to the railing, etc.. The tailgate was divided into flat and corrugated plate, corrugated plate is a typical plate, the strength will be higher.

Longmen can be called "the front", generally not particularly required the manufacturers would be detachable, so often pull and easy sliding goods must take Longmen based welding die plus two cable-stayed road.

The traction pin

The traction pin is an important component of the semi trailer connecting with the traction car and bearing the traction force, which is connected with the traction seat. It is generally made of the steel forging of the chromium alloy structure.

The suspension system

The general semi-trailer suspension is made of independent steel plate stamping rigid suspension, and has series leaf spring and suspension bearing. It is used to support load and slow down the impact of vehicle load.

Electrical System

The electric system of the trailer is made up of seven core sockets, cables, air roads and various lamps and lanterns. It is used for lighting, safety warning and brake gas. See electrical wiring road warping and whether the basic know how the quality of this factory, this is the child is father of the man.

support device

The supporting device of the trailer is mainly used to support the trailer when the trailer is deformed, which is composed of the leg and the connection bracket. A lot of brands, York, Mark, Jost, Fu Paez are legs good, do not see the brand also has a lot of good manufacturing, because this stuff is too simple, generally not bad!

protective device

The trailer protection device is composed of side protection and rear protection. The protection of pedestrians and other vehicles will not be drilled into the semitrailer. This thing is also good at saving oil and reducing wind resistance. It's called side skirting board. It can be done abroad. If we make a side apron in China, it will be punished.

Trailer accessories


Other accessories on the semitrailer include a toolbox, a spare frame, a Longmen frame, a pile and so on. There are some small accessories such as tight rope, rope hook such a strong functional parts, according to its own type of goods option.

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