Warehouse-type Semi-trailer Features

- Mar 15, 2018 -

1. The model design of the vehicle model and fence structure is combined with the user's cargo category. The design is reasonable and the weight of the passenger compartment is fully reduced under the condition of load. The structure is simple and applicable, and the demolition is convenient. It reduces the investment cost for the user and creates more profit value.

2. Space frame structure welded by stringers and integral penetrating beams. It can balance the strength, stiffness, toughness of the frame, and has strong bearing capacity without permanent deformation.

3, the frame is worn beam structure, vertical beam or goose-neck type. The web height is from 400 to 500. The stringers are welded with automatic submerged arc welding. The frame is shot blasted, and the beams penetrate the stringers and are welded together.

4. Suspension system: The new type of suspension system has high strength and strong impact resistance; the axle shaft load is balanced and the system puller rod angle is reasonably designed. In the process of frequent jolting, the frictional sliding distance between the tire and the ground is reduced. , Effectively reduce tire wear, and adjust the pull rod at the same time, can adjust the wheelbase, effectively avoiding the uneven wear and tear of the tire.


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