What Are The Advantages Of Low Flat Semi -trailer In Transportation?

- Feb 26, 2018 -

The low flat semi-trailer is suitable for transporting various kinds of machinery and equipment, large objects, highway construction equipment, equipment and all kinds of steels. Low flat semi-trailers are widely used, efficient and fast. The low flat semi-trailer adopts advanced computer aided design software to optimize and design flexibly, and design the bearing surface of the frame according to user requirements, so as to meet the transportation of all kinds of special goods.


lowbed trailer (40).jpg

Low bed semi-trailer series has a flat, concave beam and tire exposed structure, beam adopts flat type or gooseneck. Its frame is a staircase type, and the section of the longitudinal beam is I-shaped. It has high stiffness and high strength.


1, the car adopts the mode of narrow front and wide rear. According to the triangle principle, when the carriage is lifted, the center of gravity is concentrated. When the side line is tilted to a certain angle, the side money of the large box is perpendicular to the ground. The difference between the bottom line and the side line is 10 centimeters, that is, the big box will not roll over. The design of the front and narrow ends of the large box is more conducive to the self unloading of the goods, and it is not easy to block up. The goods will go down even if there is no one side and one side will not fall down, so that the car will not turn over.


2, novel design: the ultra lightweight semi-trailer is in around the transportation environment to fully understand the basis of the analysis, referring to the domestic and foreign advanced design concept, through the use of FEA (finite element analysis), a new light vehicle for many innovative.


3, in order to adapt to the current toll and toll management and strict transportation environment and meet the needs of users for light weight and maximum load of vehicles, the semi-trailer of high strength steel has been listed for a long time after repeated experiments.


4, the car's oil cylinder is made from the manufacturer, and its material strength is different from that of the ordinary oil cylinder. The rear plate of the car is locked tightly with the mechanical device. When the cargo is unloaded, the locking hook and the rear panel are automatically opened to avoid obstruction during unloading, especially when unloading the stone blocks, so as to reduce the loss to the vehicle.

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