What Is The Basic Structure And Working Principle Of Trailer Tractor?

- Sep 06, 2017 -

Trailer tractor with double track traction, SCR stepless speed regulation. Main and plastic extruder supporting, for plastic pipe, hose and other plastic profiles of the extrusion traction, for a wide range, easy to use. The traction machine is mainly a kind of extruded auxiliary equipment which guides the extruded products along the straight line of the guide rails to ensure the linearity of the products and improve the finished product yield and the production efficiency. Function is to avoid thin-walled profiles and complex sections such as profile after the twist, bending, wave and other defects, and multi-hole hole products friction and winding each other, the occurrence of different lengths of the phenomenon.

  Trailer tractor working principle and the general DC motor the same, but there are special working conditions: the size of the space by the gauge and the wheel diameter limit; in the locomotive running through the track and turnout to bear a considerable impact vibration; large and small Gears with poor engagement when the armature will produce a strong torsional vibration; in harsh environments, rain, snow, sand easy to penetrate and so on. So the East in the tractor motor design and structure also has many requirements, such as to make full use of the internal space of the body to make compact, to adopt a higher level of insulating materials and magnetic materials, parts need to have a higher mechanical strength and stiffness, The whole motor must have good ventilation and thermal conditions and dust and moisture resistance, to take special measures to cope with more difficult "commutation" conditions to reduce the spark under the brush and so on.

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