What Is The Difference Between A Trailer And A Trailer?

- Jul 16, 2017 -


Low Loader Cargo Semi Truck Trailer

        Trailer, from the chassis, lifting devices, lifting traction device, hydraulic system, electronic control system, body and toolbox and other components, with lifting, pulling and pulling traction and many other functions, suitable for highways, urban roads Of the barrier operations.

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        A trailer is a vehicle that is towed by a car and is not powered by its own. By a combination of a car (truck or tractor, forklift) with one or more trailers. Trucks and traction cars for the car train drive car section, known as the main car; by the main car traction from the car section called trailer. 

        Is an important vehicle for road transport, the use of car train transport is to improve economic efficiency of the most effective and simple means. With rapid, mobile, flexible, safe and other advantages; can easily achieve the transport sector.

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