What Should Truck Drivers Prepare For The Coming Winter?

- Nov 02, 2017 -


Recently, the Qinghai Tibet line dump heavy snow, the temperature dropped sharply, causing the ice on the road, causing traffic jams, the vehicle was frozen phenomenon. If winter comes, the running line of the car should be how to deal with? And what preparations should be made?

Advance readiness antifreeze, anti-skid chain for vehicle


Into the winter after the first thing is to check the performance of vehicle servicing vehicles, including battery, trachea, circuit etc.. Especially antifreeze, must see whether antifreeze can withstand the low temperature on the plateau, if the conditions can be replaced antifreeze, lest the temperature is too low, leading to antifreeze icing.


Followed by the preparation of anti-skid chain, winter approaching, prone to icing in some high altitude areas, the car is only rely on the friction of the tire can not be carried out, prone to slip situation. At this time you need to install anti-skid chain, so often run alpine area of the card must be prepared a pair of anti-skid chain, do not be afraid to use, but afraid to use when you can not get out.


There is also a special need to pay attention to the gas road drying tank, although the drying tank seems to be a small component, but it is crucial. If the drying tank is not good, it can not filter the moisture in the compressed air, let the moisture directly into the gas tank, once in the alpine zone, it is easy to air road icing, jam, affect the braking effect.

Filling low grade fuel to keep warm measures

Cold weather is the most afraid of diesel wax, in the cold region, once the wax wax, it means that the vehicle can not start, if there is no heating equipment to the fuel tank, only waiting for rescue. So everyone in the winter on the alpine area must be added minus diesel double fuel tank car must ensure a fuel tank is negative, otherwise once the diesel wax is prone to danger.

The preparation of vehicles, occupants should do some related measures, first bedding, before alpine areas must prepare some thick bedding, in order to ensure temperature. What's more, clothes, you must take some thick clothes before you leave, rest at night, try to choose places where the altitude is low.

In addition, we suggest you prepare some drugs in the car, such as cold medicine, painkillers and so on, the car standing hot kettle, try to drink hot water. If there is an uncomfortable situation, the first time to deal with, at the same time in the car to prepare enough food, in case of a rainy day.

Don't jump the queue when you encounter traffic jam on the road

If the road in case of traffic jam, do not worry, cold area temperature is low, must pay attention to warmth, not stingy diesel, there is no independent warm air on the use of engine warm air. If there's a long traffic jam, people from nearby cars can congregate in the same car, which saves fuel and takes care of each other.

When you encounter traffic jam, you must not jump the queue, don't retrograde, in the traffic jam when to rescue vehicles lane, do not delay the rescue time. After reading several of the preventive measures, card friends what good advice? Welcome to leave a message for discussion.


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