Why Use Suction Truck Vacuum Pump Instead Of Ordinary Pump

- May 21, 2017 -

Literally we can see the suction truck vacuum pump and ordinary pump should be different, but the two in the end is what is the difference? Now please come with me to find out about it

First suction truck vacuum pump is a rotating wheel, the wheel in a chamber rotation, the cavity filled with fluid, by the volume of fluid in the week cyclical changes, resulting in the rest of the cavity volume cycle changes, the inhalation Pipeline gas discharge and inhalation, the most important feature is the formation of a vacuum, and now its market is basically the main oil cycle, the power plant in another type of vacuum pump is a jet to form a vacuum.

The ordinary pump is centrifugal pump by centrifugal force to throw the fluid, while the formation of negative pressure to attract other fluids continue to enter the pump, so continuous, by the consumption of motor power to drive the pump wheel into the kinetic energy and potential energy.

In fact, we can usually see the screw pump, piston pump, diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, etc., they can not form a vacuum state, but also have their unique mode of operation, so the use of vacuum pump is not the other place to replace the The

So we are common suction truck vacuum pump can not be replaced by ordinary pump, suction truck vacuum pump in the vehicle has a pivotal role. Hope to help you.

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