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CIMC produce the high quality 40ft skeleton trailer for sale CIMC produce the 40ft skeleton semi trailer . Its robust construction and innovative details guarantee investment security.CIMC also makes individual transport solutions: 2 axle or 3 axle container chassis, dumper container...

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Product Details

CIMC VEHICLE 3 axles container chassis with 40ft for sale

The container trailer skeleton mainly used for transporting the container 20ft and 40 ft but it can not transport the bulk cargo  and the special designed trailer skeleton can transport the container 53 ft or 45 ft .Because that it doesn't have the floor plate . it's popular because that it's kerb weight is not big .

Gooseneck Type

High bearing capacity:The design of frame structure is optimized through advantaged design concept to reduce the dead weight instead of the bearing capacity and guarantee good bearing capacity.

Lingkage support leg

The linkage support leg is equipped as strandard equipment to ease the operations.

Lower bearing surface

The special small gooseneck structure of frame greatly lowers the height of bearing surface and the gravity center of cargo,eases the transport,and improves the driving safety of the vehicle.




Specification of the skeleton semi trailer

Brand CIMC skeleton container trailer
King pinJOST
Breaking systemWABCO
Leading gearJOST
Tire8/12 axles
Vehicular applicationalcontainer transport

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3.After-sales service: we will provide guarantee forlowbed trailer to ensure the use of the users.

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