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skeleton trailer , skeletal trailer , cimc skeleton semi trailer , 40ft container trailer The cimc skeleton semi trailer from CIMC VEJHICLE is one of the most useful for the container transporting. The 40 ft container trailer chassis semi trailer can transport the 40 ft container or the 20 ft...

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Product Details

Shipping 20" 40"skeleton container semi trailer 3 axles container trailer chassis

CIMC VEHICLE is widely praised. Excellent cost-effective and high quality steel structure attracts widespread transportation companies across the globe. The main girders have variable cross-section design structure, light weight and large bearing capacity. The operation is convenient. 12 container locks can be used to transport two 20 'heavy-duty containers or 20' containers or a 40 '/45' container at the same time. The transport functions are complete. The frame steel structure is all high strength and high quality steel, and the service life is long. Two sand spray surface treatment and super corrosion resistant paint technology greatly improve the quality of car products and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Technical specification.

Overall (L*W*H)



Material:high quality Q345 steel


13T FUWA axle 


12R22.5 Tire,12pcs


900*22.5, 12pcs

Braking System

WABCO Brake System


Mechanical spring suspension, 10 pieces

King Pin

2" (50#) or 3.5"(90#) high tensile steel bolted type

Landing Leg

28T JOST C200

Twist Lock



1 box,2 spare tire carrier


Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface with 1 layer of anti-corrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats


Any color will be available

The detail photos about the CIMC skeleton semi trailer for sale .

40ft skeleton trailer (3).jpg

40ft skeleton trailer (4).jpg

40ft skeleton trailer.jpg

40ft skeleton trailer (2).jpg

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