3 Axle Cargo Semi Trailer

Three axles high quality Dropside Flatbed with side wall-CIMC VEHICLE CIMC cargo semi trailer has various feature such as light tare weight,heavy loading weight and rational structure.CIMC cargo semi trailer adapts to foreign and domestic design concepts,uses W-shape throught-going beam,reduce...

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Product Details

                 CIMC VEHICLE 3 axle cargo semi trailer trailer cargo sidewall trailer

CIMC 3 axle cargo semi traileris mainly used for the transportation of an imals, steels,timbers,concrete constructions and any bulk cargo .

The model and combined the goods category fence structure design process, the reasonable design, satisfy the load cases sufficient to reduce car weight, simple structure, convenient disassembly, for users reduce the investment cost, create more profit value.

Feature-CIMC 3 axles cargo semi trailer

Light weight: using concave and convex cross beam structure, under the premise of guaranteeing the strength of the structure, the weight reduction design is carried out in many parts, and the weight is lighter.

The bearing capacity is strong: through the imported high strength steel, the semi-trailer structure is more reasonable. Under the premise of guaranteeing the self weight reduction, the Barbin semi trailer keeps the same carrying capacity.

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Axles of the trailer

13T/16T FUWA/BPW Brand

Breaking valve


Size of the trailer 

12500*2500*1600 mm 

Material of the main beam

Q 345 high strength steel

Landing gear


King pin

 90 #  or 50 #

Container lock

12 sets

Floor plate

3mm or can be optional

Standard Loading capacity

60 T

Electrical System24V,7wrie harness

CIMC produce the high quality cargo trailerwith 3axles which can carry bulk cargo.We have many years of experience in producing cargo trailer and advanced technology.

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