Fuel Tanker Semi Trailer

CIMC Fuel tanker is specially used for the transportation of liquid goods, such as diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, acid and alkali, and other chemical raw materials .we can according to your needs to design trailer: carbon steel fuel tank trailer , stainless steel , aluminum alloy material .Tank volume : 30cbm to 90cbm according to your demands . Axle : 2 axles to 4 axles.Suspension : machanical spring suspension , air suspension , bogie suspension .Compartment: 1 compartment to 7 compartments Loading Mode : Top loading or bottom loadding mode
  • Stainless Steel Milk Tanks

    Stainless Steel Milk Tanks

    3 axle 40 cbm stainless steel milk tanks oil tank trailer for sale CIMC is an enterprise group that provides logistics equipment and energy equipment for the global market. It is a listed company...

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  • Fuel tank semi trailer

    Fuel tank semi trailer

    3 axle 6 compartment fuel dolly drawbar tanker trailer for sale The fuel dolly drawbar tanker trailer assembly, unloading, transportation, mechanization and integration, saving labor force, saving...

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  • Caborn Steel Fuel Tank

    Caborn Steel Fuel Tank

    3 axle 40cbm caborn steel fuel tank for sale The caborn steel fuel tank is used for transporting liquid goods such as gasoline, diesel oil and edible oil. According to the customer's need, we...

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  • Oil Transportation Tank Truck

    Oil Transportation Tank Truck

    3 axle oil transportation tank truck trailer for sale CIMC produced oil transportation tank truck configuration is the best provided, such as manhole cover, leg, brake valve, submarine valve, etc....

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  • Heavy Fuel Oil Truck Tanker

    Heavy Fuel Oil Truck Tanker

    3 axle carbon steel heavy fuel oil truck tanker for sale CIMC produced the fuel oil truck tanker has a round shape, oval shape or round shape. This series of fuel oil truck tanker can be designed...

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  • 6 Compartment Tank

    6 Compartment Tank

    4 axle 6 compartment palm oil tanker trailer for sale CIMC is the leader of semi - trailer industry, providing customers with high quality products. Transportation medium of palm oil tanker...

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  • Liquid Tanker Trailer

    Liquid Tanker Trailer

    A large number of oil tanks liquid tanker trailer with 3 axle for sale CIMC is a professional liquid tanker trailer supplier, serving you 24 hours. CIMC finally provides customers with the best...

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  • Stainless steel Tank

    Stainless steel Tank

    45000 to 50000 liter stainlessteel tank that can handle high salinty crude oil Stainlessteel tank are mainly used for transportation of water, gasoline, diesel oil, oil (olive oil, coconut oil),...

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  • 50000 Liters Fuel Tank Semi Trailer

    50000 Liters Fuel Tank Semi Trailer

    Tri-axle 50000 liters fuel storage tank semi trailer for sale CIMC produced the fuel storage tank semi trailer accessories adopt famous domestic and international brands such as JOST C200 and what...

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We're professional fuel tanker semi trailer manufacturers and suppliers in China. All fuel tanker semi trailer products for sale are of high safety and high quality. Welcome to check price with our factory.