Tipping Semi Trailers 3 Axles

The side dump semi trailer has a dumping box that allows loose materials to be dumped from the side.It’s often used to efficiently transport sands,small tones,and other building materials. High-strength,cold-rolled plates are used to construct the dumping box,resulting in light weight,The plates...

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Product Details

A large volume 3 axles tipping semi trailer for bad road  work.

The trailer main beam and the longitudinal beam of the dumping box have been sent through submerged arc welding process.A specialized loader is used to assemble the axle and leaf spring to the accurate position.

The chassis is made of 16Mn steel.Welded steel longitudinal beam and hardened steel main beam make up the main framework of the trailer,The dumping box can be designed in one of the two shapes:either dust-pan or rectangular.High strength,large lifting force,maximum rigidity,great payload,and minimal deformation are the major benefits of our dumping vehicle for its users.



9000mmx2500mm x1600mm

Tare Weight(semi trailer)

About 10500kg

Total volume(m³)


Side wall thickness

4mm Q345 steel(3 or 5 automatic opening doors)

Floor plate

 6mm/Q345 carbon steel

Lifting System

Full set of hydraulic lifting system(four 125 diameter lifting cylinder,and one diameter lifting cylinder)


Main beams

Height:480mm upper plate:14Mn middle plate: double plate  6+6mm Lower plate:16mm plate material Q345B steel


3 axles,FUWA/HUAJING brand,13t or 16t

Landing Gear

JOST(D200T)or China brand 28T


JOST 2.0 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin


Mechanical suspension/America type

Leaf Spring

120(w)mmx16cm (thickness)x10layers

Pneumatic Braking System

WABCO RE 6 relay valve;Spring brake chamber;45L air tank


8.5-20 Chinese brand


11.00R20 brand can be optional




Sandblasted,anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layer of top coats.


One standard tool box

Shipping Terms

By bulk cargo,RORO.The trailer size can be designed according to your special requirement.you can choose 6x4 tractor truck for your use with your semi trailer

Heavy duty side dump trailers waiting for the delivery

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We’re a specialist in design ans production of side dump semi trailer.With 25 years of hands-on experience in dump trailer industry,we are capable of producing 7000 side dumper trailers on an annual basis.our products have been exported to the Middle East,South America,and Africa.

If you are interested in our side dump semi trailer,please contact us.Simply tell us the kind of materials to be transported,and we can then design a suitable semi trailer model to meet your needs.